Everything You Need to Run Your Business Today

OfficeZilla provides a full service turnkey operating solution that makes it easier to run your business. We put you in control of your business with a solution that keeps operations and technology from getting out of control.

Want an easier way to grow your office and facility products business without operations and back office bogging you down?

The OfficeZilla Solution includes a team of industry professionals, working on your behalf, to provide:

  • Easy access to the products you want to sell
  • Cost file negotiation, management and implementation
  • Vendor issue escalation & resolution management
  • Flexible freight & delivery plans, allowing you to balance the cost of delivery vs customer experience with the click of a button
  • Coaching to help you confidently evolve your business to improve efficiency without sacrificing margins or customer experience

Love cultivating relationships, but hate managing technology?

OfficeZilla manages it all for you:

  • Robust, User-Friendly Ecommerce Site: A great customer website that is perfect for power e-commerce users and sophisticated procurement managers, but easy enough for “old school” customers too.
  • Built-In CRM Tool: It’s a powerful customer management tool and you don’t need an additional license to use it.
  • Insights and Margin Management Tools: We put dashboard technology at your fingertips with incredible customer insights and margin management tools.

Learn more about our eCommerce solution here

Love servicing customers, but hate managing the accounts payable and tax filings?

OfficeZilla has your back.

  • Accounting: OfficeZilla handles sales tax filings, payment of vendors, customer billing and statements, margin calculations, credit card processing and more.
  • Customer Service Support: Our team can field your calls, place orders when needed, help you source oddball items, and give you a little encouragement and advice.
  • Training & Sales Support: We succeed when YOU succeed.

Challenged by the complexities of digital marketing, but want to grow your business in today’s market?

OfficeZilla has exactly what you need:

  • Digital and Traditional Marketing: Cohesive, comprehensive, professional and ready to go.

From operations to marketing, from technology to training, OfficeZilla is the complete solution. Ready to explore if it’s the fit you need? Let's talk!

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