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Category: Toilet Tissues

Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue, 2-Ply, White, 240 Sheets/Roll, 12/Pack - SEV13733PK

  • Green
$16.19 / pack
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One of life's little necessities. Does its job well and helps you consider your impact on the environment. Whitened without chlorine. No added dyes or fragrances. Two-ply for strength and softness. Septic safe.


General Information

  • Product Name
    100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue, 2-Ply, White, 240 Sheets/Roll, 12/Pack
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Brand
    Seventh Generation
  • Country of Origin

Product Information

  • Global Product Type
    Tissues-Bath Regular Roll
  • Tissue Type
  • Number of Plies
  • Number of Sheets
    240 per roll
  • Color(s)
  • Packing Type
  • Length
  • Width
  • Total Recycled Content
  • Assembly Required
  • Non-Returnable
  • Freight Delivery
  • Value Pack
  • Warranty
  • Carton Pack Quantity
  • Box Pack Quantity
  • UPC
  • UPC Carton
  • Features
    • Whitened without chlorine.
    • No added dyes or fragrances.
    • 2-ply for softness and strength.
    • Septic safe.

Physical Description

  • Carton Weight
    14.00 lbs.
  • Weight
    2.6 lbs.
  • Length
    9.2 in
  • Width
    13.8 in
  • Height
    8.5 in


  • Green


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Review by: Mar234


It really does pain me to give any seventh generation product a bad review because I am a die heart user of almost all their products but I’m in the group of really disappointed customers after the changes they’ve made to the paper. Here’s to hoping it changes back..
Review by: mart

Caution if buying the now revised toilet tissue

I used this product for years as I have very sensitive skin. The revised product leaves me very raw. It also is a much smaller roll.
Review by: no nickname

Smaller rolls

Disappointed with the smaller rolls. My household went through nearly one roll per day with this change. I've bought seventh generation tp for 25 years, mail ordered at first and again in recent years when my local stores don't stock it. Sorry to say I am now looking for another brand.
Review by: GJTanzer

The change in this TP must be a Cost-Down

I’ve been using this TP for years, willing to pay a little more for the healthier alternative. (I even liked it so much that when my local stores stopped carrying the larger quantity packages I started ordering them online.) I just received my new order and there’s much more than the packaging that has changed. The paper feels and looks much thinner. It looks and feels like the paper has been rolled much more loosely to give the appearance of having the same diameter as the old rolls. I am including pictures of one of my old SG rolls next to a new one. It is also a bit stiffer and more rough. I am very disappointed and will be looking for a different brand to order next time.
Review by: KRAQ

Disappointed with new TP

We love this brand and the toilet paper has always been our favorite. Until now. The redesign is terrible- much thinner and rougher. Unfortunately we will be switching after all this time.
Review by: Brian

New paper is rougher

As an environmentally conscious consumer, I'm a big fan of Seventh Generation products. This redesign is a little difficult to take; the paper is significantly rougher.
Review by: Punky2773


I've bought this for years and this new redesign stinks!!! Very rough and thin! Very disappointed, will be looking for new tp paper!
Review by: Mary G

After 15-years we're changing our TP

The recent change in Seventh Gen TP are hidseous. Rougher, thinner, and fewer sheets per roll. Marketing team needs to use product because package claims are out and out false. The same is true with the natural paper towels. Worthless.
Review by: Ericjs

the new version is rough and the label lies

I previously would have given the previous version of this 4 or 5 stars, but the new version is rough! I'm afraids I'm going to have to change brands. What's worse, the new branding "extra soft and strong" is an outright lie, which seriously erodes my trust in this brand. They need to look into how this was allowed to happen, who decidsed to let marketing trump reality, and who failed to make sure it didsn't.
Review by: christined

too thin

I have been buying your toilet paper for my office building for the past 10 years. The new batch is so thin and rough, that I will be buying a new brand of recycled paper.
Review by: lbrickme

Redesign is rough . . .

I agree with the other recent reviewers the redesign of the product is disappointing. I was quite happy with the product up until now. It was soft enough while also being environmentally friendly! The recent redesign resulted in the paper being rougher, enough so that I will likely switch toilet paper after years of using Seventh Generation. That means a lot because I am an extremely brand loyal person. It takes a lot to make me switch brands - typically, if the store was out of this brand, I would wait until it was back in stock or go to another store rather than buy an alternative toilet paper. I'm not sure what focus groups told the product manager(s) that this change was acceptable . . .!? My advice would have been to check with a widser swath of customers before making such a change. You may lose a significant number of us with this change!
Review by: melforlove12

Quality: Decreased Softness

I have been using this toilet paper for the past year or more, and after trying almost every other brand on the market, this was the best product for my sensitive skin. However, after I recently purchased a new package I noticed that the toilet paper has lost the quality balance between durability and softness. The softness has decreased and the printed floral pattern is rough to the touch. You claim in response to other reviews that you have increased softness by 25%, but that does not seem to translate when I compare the old to the new. I am disappointed in the recent change because I loved this product.
Review by: Nicole79

Quality has Decreased

I have been using seventh generation for years. I have extremely sensitive skin and issues with every other Toilet paper I have used except this one, that was until the product revamp. The new paper is very thin and extremely rough. I had to stop using it because it caused so much irritation to my most sensitive skin. I am still searching for a replacement.
Review by: TP User

The changes are not for the better

I agree with the other reviewer. We have used Seventh Generation toilet paper for years, and it used to be 300 2-ply sheets per roll. The new rolls are labeled "extra soft & strong" but have 240 2-ply sheets per roll. However, in a direct comparison, the roll that had 300 2-ply sheets was actually stronger and softer than the new roll with 240 2-ply sheets.
Review by: Dino

Thinner Paper Now

We have been using Seventh Generation T.P. for years, as my wife is very sensitive. Unfortunately, our latest packages of your T.P. which have rolls with the old imprint back, have thinner paper and even less soft paper than before. We are looking for another brand.
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