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Category: Tapes

Scotch Storage Tape, 1.88" x 54.6yds, 3" Core, Clear, 4 Rolls/Pack - MMM36504

$12.87 / pack
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Scotch® Long-Lasting Storage Packaging Tape features a UV-resistant adhesive that works in hot and cold temperatures. It offers a durable seal that's great for long-term storage. This tape can withstand extreme conditions. In fact, it stays sealed in temperatures ranging from -25 degrees F to 160 degrees F.


General Information

  • Product Name
    Storage Tape, 1.88" x 54.6yds, 3" Core, Clear, 4 Rolls/Pack
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Brand
  • Country of Origin

Product Information

  • Global Product Type
  • Dispenser Included
  • Core Size
  • Color(s)
  • Grade
  • Finish
  • Tape Type
  • Adhesive Material
  • Thickness
    2.4 mil
  • Tensile Strength
    40 lb/in
  • Compliance Standards
    Meets U.S. Postal Regulations for Standard Packages
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Content
  • Total Recycled Content
  • Special Features
    Refill Rolls
  • Assembly Required
  • Non-Returnable
  • Freight Delivery
  • Value Pack
  • Warranty
  • Carton Pack Quantity
  • Box Pack Quantity
  • UPC
  • UPC Carton
  • Features
    • Great for long-term storage, label protection and light-duty shipping.
    • Holds securely over a wide range of temperatures.
    • Ultraviolet resistant.

Physical Description

  • Size
    1.88" x 54.6 yds
  • Carton Weight
    5.00 lbs.
  • Weight
    1.594 lbs.
  • Length
    8.25 in
  • Width
    8.25 in
  • Height
    2 in


  • Green


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Review by: Rsqrd

Does not stick

After reading the first eight one-star reviews, I have experienced the same problem -- the tape will not stay stuck to cardboard boxes, no matter the box. I agree with the reviewer who would not have imagined needing to review a 3M/Scotch brand product. Suffice to say I will not buy this product ever again.
Review by: PeggyB61

Should have read reviews before purchasing

Should have read reviews before purchasing. It never occurred to me to read reviews about 3M Scotch brand packing tape. I wish I had because after taping numerous boxes for our move, I had to purchase another brand of packing tape to re-tape all the boxes as the 3M tape dids not stick. Worst purchase I ever made.
Review by: dalewoz

Tape doesn't stay stuck

I also bought this product for moving and found that every day I have to reseal or tape over boxes that I've already taped. I've worked with many different packing tapes and this one is by far the worst.
Review by: Thomas

Worse than worthless

It appears someone else beat me to it. We're moving and have probably gone through a dozen rolls of your "long lasting" packaging tape. Initially I thought the boxes we are using were coated with something preventing the tape from adhering. It doesn't appear to be so as numerous boxes have required re-taping - and I shudder to think what we will face in 3-4 years when we're ready to recover our goods from storage. Will we have to, very carefully, re-tape each of our MANY boxes? How doe Scotch/3M compensate one for this product performance failure? This is not what I expect from Blue Chip names like Scotch and 3M.
Review by: Scooby


I bought this tape for moving and some of our boxes will be in a temperature controlled climate - this is the worst tape as I had to put many pieces on the boxes and they kept coming off - which is very frustratingId when you have over 50 boxes that you have to keep the tape from coming off of. I find the shipping tape is working the best now - after I purchased 5 rolls of the "moving and storage" tape!!!
Review by: Angry


This tape was used for moving. Even on light boxes the tape literally fell off of the boxes. I hadn't to go out and buy new tape to re-tape every box I had originally put this tape on. An infuriating waste of money on a sorry product.
Review by: Katie

Terrible performance

I bought Scotch brand tape because of its history of being such a good company. I should have read the reviews. This tape is terrible! Doesn't stick to the boxes! Just pops itself off so everything I thought was boxed and ready had to be completely retaped. What a waste of effort!
Review by: Snookie


Absolutely the worst product ever! Not possible to pull off a piece the full widsth of the roll. You start to pull it and end up with a strip half the widsth of the roll. Takes forever to find and unroll the portion that tore. Never had a problem before but this tape is awful.
Review by: MikeDinATX

Horrible performance

Scotch is a brand I've always trusted, but this tape is awful. The attached picture was taken maybe 20 minutes after sealing the box and the tape just lifted right off. There are dozens of other boxes that look the same. Very disappointed.
Review by: CJ in OKC

Not adhering to box

Just bought this tape at Target to seal moving boxes. No more than sealed the boxes then went to load the truck and tape had already come loose. Junk!
Review by: Taper2

Don't be fooled - as I was

Spent the extra money for this "long lasting" moving and storage tape - only to find it coming off only a few days later. These boxes are brand new, my storage room is climate controlled and in my house. Waste of money for a product that doesn't work.
Review by: Bone12

Poor Product-Do Not Use

I purchased a six roll package of Moving and Storage "Long Lasting" Packing Tape # 3650. I spent the day packing for a move and I am using all new moving boxes, no dust or dirt on the box. After stacking the days work of packing I have noticed all the tape just pulling away from the boxes. I applied pressure in application and rubbed it enough to produce a little heat on the tape but this tape is failing. All of the packing is in a controlled environment with no extreme conditions. Tomorrow I need to go out and find a decent tape and retype all my boxes.
Review by: SandraLee

Very Disappointed!

I am moving and bought two packages/four rolls each of the Moving & Storage Packaging Tape that is supposed to be long lasting. It was more expensive than the other brands of packing tape but since it was Scotch brand and saids long lasting I bought it. I packed numerous boxes and taped them shut and the next day the tape was coming back off. I put more tape on and it starting coming back off. Every box I packed the tape has come back off of the cardboard box.
Review by: Scott G

This is the worst tape that I've used

I have used Scotch brand tape in my tape guns for years. When I needed more tape, I stopped by my local Wal-Mart and while deciding which tape to purchase, I came across this Moving & Storage Packaging Tape that also states that it's Long Lasting. Well, I thought "Cool, the stronger the better!" But, Long Lasting couldn't be any further from the truth. I'm lucky if it holds to the box for 24 hrs.The first of the 4 pk roll is nearly finished. I'm not even interested in using the other three. I'll get another kind. I'll continue to use Scotch products as well as other brands because this is the first time that I've experienced poor quality from Scotch. I do feel that a refund should be given or a replacement of the the 4 pk bundle with a better, proven and trusted line should be given. Even though I've used nearly one entire roll, it was terrible.
Review by: Barryg

Terrible adhesive

I know that generic tape is terrible as it splits and shreds so I thought I was making a smart move by buying brand name tape for our move. Bad idsea with this tape. For whatever reason it just isn't that sticky and we have multiple boxes that are coming undone mids move. Unfortunately I bought 8 rolls of this product that is headed straight for the trash. I guess I will use 3M brands next time and not worry about it. 
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