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Category: Tapes

Duck Carton Sealing Tape 1.88" x 60yds, 3" Core, Clear, 3/Pack - DUCHP260C03

$10.90 / pack
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When you are looking for a tape that can stand up to the toughest demands of shipping, moving and storage, HP260™ Brand High Performance Packaging Tape is the tape for the job. Its crystal-clear finish is not only pleasing to look at, but is also tear-and break-resistant. This super high performance packaging tape features a long lasting, durable adhesive that is designed to hold up to even the most difficult applications.


General Information

  • Product Name
    Carton Sealing Tape 1.88" x 60yds, 3" Core, Clear, 3/Pack
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Brand
  • Country of Origin

Product Information

  • Global Product Type
  • Dispenser Included
  • Core Size
  • Color(s)
  • Grade
    Commercial High-Performance
  • Finish
  • Tape Type
  • Adhesive Material
  • Thickness
    3.1 mil
  • Tensile Strength
    35 lb/in
  • Compliance Standards
    Meets U.S. Postal Regulations
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Content
  • Total Recycled Content
  • Assembly Required
  • Non-Returnable
  • Freight Delivery
  • Value Pack
  • Warranty
  • Carton Pack Quantity
  • Box Pack Quantity
  • UPC
  • UPC Carton
  • Features
    • High-performance tape features aggressive acrylic adhesive superior for wide temperature range application.
    • Seals cartons for shipping and storage plus protects labels.
    • Super strong.

Physical Description

  • Size
    1.88" x 60 yds
  • Carton Weight
    23.00 lbs.
  • Weight
    1.521 lbs.
  • Length
    2.1 in
  • Width
    13.1 in
  • Height
    4.3 in


  • Green


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Reviews (10)

Review by: Anonymous

We have four rolls of this tape that is of no use because the end breaks off and sticks back on the roll. Impossible to find the start again.

Will be looking for a different brand. The six-pack was a waste of money.
Review by: Anonymous

Great For Packaging

Duck brand clear tape is one of the best you can get around. Especially this one. I use this for packaging and it is very sturdy. I also use this to clear tape my duct tape wallets. It works very well and everyone should try it out. The quality is fairly good for what you are paying. It is very easy to use and it lasts for a long time.
Review by: Anonymous

Works for the usual packing job!

I love this packing tape, it does it's job well. The only time it may lack slightly, is when trying to tape up rubber bins/totes. Sometimes it holds up well, other times not so much. This is probably more due to the shaping of the bins/totes and not the tape lacking!
Review by: Anonymous

Moving Essentials!

Do to the nature of my job, my family is moving a lot. Almost like clock work, every 18-24 months I am transferred to a different military base. While moving so much is stressful, there are a few things that always makes our moves smooth and easy. BY FAR, the number ONE packing essential is Duct Tape's 3.1mil Packing tape. There is nothing worse than running out of tape, or having a box break on you. With 3.1mil thickness, you use less tape (not having to tape the bottom 3-4 times as with thinner tape), and you know the tape is super strong so you don't have to worry about your box breaking. With every move, there is always one super late night, packing until 3am session (I'm sure many can relate). When you can hardly keep your eyes open, you're sitting on the floor fighting the urge to just lay down, and you go to tape a box close. However, you usually have spend 3-5 mins trying to find the end of the tape. It is usually because the tape is splitting and splintering. What a nightmare. With the 3.1mil thicker packing tape you NEVER have this problem. It cuts clean, pulls of straight, and is worth every cent! We don't even think of moving with out it.
Review by: jedychase

i love the toughness

i ship a lot of packages and this really helped me. the price is very affordable,so i could buy a lot, and it holds together really well!
Review by: GingerlyPacked

Packing company owner is a 'tape snob' - only HP260 will do!

I have been in the packing and moving business for 3.5 years, and learned the hard way that there is a HUGE difference between packing tapes. I will never use any other tape than Duck brand HP260 for my jobs - it sticks to cardboard boxes better than any other name brand tape I've used.
Review by: WildIvy

Buy the tape, not the dispenser...

Purchased this for a move, hoping to save some money over buying one of the bigger, bulkier tape dispensers. The tape is quality; standard Duck. The dispenser is abominable. The tape roll didsn't want to turn properly, kept wanting to pop out of place, and the blade simply fell off the front after the first five or ten boxes. Do yourself a favor and get some nice Duck on a roll and do NOT give yourself a headache over this poor excuse for a dispenser...
Review by: Tubebender

No question it's the best

I have a tube bending and manufacturing company and we have been in business for 80 years. I am sure I have tried all the brands over the years. Now I have no need to look for a stronger tape that does not brake, sticks like should, and keeps my products safe in transit. I FOUND THE BEST.
Review by: coreycay

overall good product

Normally don't buy this brand of packaging tape but was all they had at store I was in recently. Ended up working very well and will most likely continue buying this brand as it is less expensive than some of the others I found out during a shopping trip the other day! I will definitely recommend. The one complaint would be the ease of use with the dispenser, sometimes much easier to just tear tape off.
Review by: KatesMoves

Nothing like it.

Don't bother with other brands, no matter how good the deal and even if you have to search for the Yellow Duck. Have moved for work a dozen times in the last ten years. That means packing carefully, shipping boxes that arrive in good condition and are reusable. HP260 (and it's predecessors) has been my only packing tape all these years. It's flexible enough, strong enough, with the best adhesive, yet doesn't destroy boxes that I want to reuse. Great for all household and mailing uses. I wouldn't work without it. Skip the dispensers. It comes off the roll easily and cuts quickly with a utility knife.