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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber, 3 9/10" x 2 2/5", 2/Box

Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber, 3 9/10" x 2 2/5", 2/Box
$4.97 / box
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Now infused with Dawn® dish detergent, this scrubber pad does more than ever. Effectively removes organic debris and common soils. Cuts through grease and stains.


General Information

  • Product Name
    Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber, 3 9/10" x 2 2/5", 2/Box
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Brand
    Mr. Clean
  • Country of Origin

Product Information

  • Global Product Type
    Sponges-Scrub Sponge
  • Sponge Type
    Scrub Sponge
  • Material(s)
  • Shape
    Wavy Rectangle
  • Thickness
  • Duty Rating
  • Color(s)
  • Width
    3 9/10"
  • Height
    2 2/5"
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Content
  • Total Recycled Content
  • Assembly Required
  • Non-Returnable
  • Freight Delivery
  • Value Pack
  • Warranty
  • Package Also Includes
    Two erasers per box
  • Carton Pack Quantity
  • Box Pack Quantity
  • UPC
  • UPC Carton
  • Features
    • Infused with Dawn® dish detergent.
    • Effectively removes organic debris and common soils.
    • Cuts through grease and stains.

Physical Description

  • Carton Weight
    2.00 lbs.
  • Weight
    0.112 lbs.
  • Length
    5.24 in
  • Width
    1.26 in
  • Height
    4.13 in


  • Green


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Review by: Hamm512

Saved me from painting

I was scrubbing the marks on the painted wall with a regular sponge. The marks dids not disappear. I got the paint out to repaint the wall. I found a magic eraser in my son's cabinet. I had seen the commercials so I thought , what can I lose? Boy, was I surprised on how well this eraser worked. It removed the marks and I didsn't have to paint. The sponge isn't very hard so make sure you have plenty to use.
Review by: TufOne1115

Yucky tub

OH MY GOODNESS. What is this magic eraser made of? I have a tub that even with spraying with bleach and then scrubbing the heck out of it still wasn't clean. However these erasers made it look like I was installed a new tub! I have thrown away ALL of my cleaning products. This eraser is all you need. A great product.
Review by: Elizabeth75

Great product but short use life... use wisely!

I have used these before for very small jobs.. they're fine for that! But as I prepare a family member's house to be sold, I learned quickly the Magic Eraser (even the "4X Stronger") has a very limited use-life before totally crumbling! Combine that fact with a large job, limited funds and only my own man power, I quickly learned to use only when necessary and as last resort! Any surface other than flat paint, I clean first with dry duster, then use soap/cleaner and water. Whatever that doesn't get, I use Clorox Cleanup and a scrub brush/sponge. Only when those fail can I afford to use the Magic Eraser. Flat paint is more difficult because depending on dirt/mark/stain, it's easy to scrub paint off. I try soap and water first and use sparingly. Magic Eraser crumbles even quicker on these walls. Sad fact I learned the hard way, it would have been cheaper, especially on trim and baseboards, to wipe them down and just repaint! This house was remodeled in the past 4 years with only 2 people living in it. They didsn't have a dirty home so I'm shocked by the supplies I've had to use to clean properly! I'm hoping Mr. Clean will keep trying to get these to last longer! I'd certainly be more apt to use (and recommend) them if they can accomplish that!
Review by: hannahlea

Got off grime I didsn't even know was there!

I inherited an end table from my grandma; she was a heavy smoker. The table looked clean but when I rubbed my fingers along the edge it felt "thick". I had just used my magic eraser on glassware than had been sitting in storage for years...the dishwasher didsn't get it clean but the magic eraser dids. So I grabbed it to try on the table. OH MY GOODNESS! There was 30+ years of tar buildup on this table that I didsn't even know was there. The magic eraser turned brown and orange! I rinsed it out and cleaned the table again. WOW! I wish I had vidseo. It was gross and amazing at the same time! Thank you!!!!
Review by: Anonymous

It sounds lame but its seriously magic

The fact that I can wipe old maple syrup off my counter top and rinse the eraser completely off and keep using it keeps me buying these, just for that reason they make cleaning a breeze, I tell literally anyone who mentions cleaning and whatnot I let them know all about these! I will never use anything else.
Review by: Anonymous

Dissapointing product

It took less than 5 minutes and it tore. It doesn’t work that well. Very DISSAPOINTING
Review by: Tking4

Dry eraser can be better

Would love it if the magic eraser didsnt desolve within 2 minutes
Review by: PAWZ

Was very disappointed fell apart in my hand

I have bought this product before and have been pleased. It has been a few years and thought I would buy one for my tub. I dids not even get to finish before it fell apart. Very disappointed!
Review by: FDBE

Easy Way to Clean

I used this on painted white woodwork in the kitchen near the stove. It dids a great job without any drips or streaks.
Review by: Housecleaning

Good product

I love magic erase they work well. The only think is I have noticed in the last year the quality has changed. They start to ripping with the first use. I use them lot so this is disappointing.
Review by: Jamilah

Simply amazing

THIS PRODUCT IS THE BOMB.COM!!!!! It normally takes me at least 20 mins to clean my tub and shower walls. I was in shock at how it literally erase off all the dirt and soap scum in seconds. I was done in 3 mins!!!!! No harsh cleaning products that have you choking and coughing. No backaches from bending and scrubbing. THANK YOU!!!! for creating this PRODUCT!!!!! It is truly magic. Now I'm going to clean my kitchen and if it works the same on grease I will be back to write another review. Thanks again.
Review by: Matt

It should be called “miracle” eraser!

While working on a refinishing project, I knocked over a can of mahogany wood stain. It was a projectile spill that coated our newly painted walls and splattered the hardwood floors. I was in a panic and tried several cleaners, none of which took away the stain on the walls. In desperation I tried the magic eraser...and the stain disappeared! I was is utter shock (and oh so happy and relieved!)
Review by: JeniLynn

A miracle

I dropped a bottle of bright red Feria hair dye on my hardwood floors, resulting in a six foot spray of across the living room. I had no hope that the eraser would work, but it dids. Quickly and with very little effort. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Review by: Anonymous


I realize this is probably a minor use for your product, but cleaning whitewalls on antique/classic cars is great. Better than other harsh products that ultimately break down the whitewalls.
Review by: BeckyD

Goodbye Crayon!!

My daughter decidsed to draw all over our walls and doors, and I scrubbed forever with different things that didsn’t work. I finally found the Magic Eraser and with little to no effort it came right off!!! Thank you so much you have found a new customer!!
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